About Us

Our Promise:

Our talented people are the driving force behind Earth Source Trading ... let us make a difference in the success of your company!

We strive to thoroughly understand each customer's needs. Our passion is defining shared business goals and executing smart solutions. The development and implementation of unique business solutions – along with creating "WOW" experiences – is our daily goal.

Earth Source Trading offers:

  • Customized improve-your-bottom-line strategies
  • Accurate forward projections
  • Timely market, product and grower analysis and reports
  • Year-round and seasonal profitable sales driven programs

Our Team

Ken Mobley
General Manager

Christine Runkle
Logistics Specialist

Will Ison
Director of Business

Hugo Vargas
Sourcing Specialist

Jeremy Shenk
Sales Representative

Hans Weaver
Product Brand Manager

Matt Wentzel
Sales Representative

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